“When people feel safe, they are unstoppable.”

No one should have to leave their home because of who they are or whom they love. Yet every day, LGBTQI+ people all around the world are forced to do so.

We’re ready for a change.

Our purpose

At SafePlace, we believe that centering and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities is necessary to enact real and sustainable change to build a world that’s safer, more inclusive, and where everyone can thrive. This is why we work to cultivate ecosystems of stability, healing, and growth where people can live authentically and affirm their leadership—with confidence and joy.

Our Impact

nights of safety provided in 2022

Dream Academy graduates to date

Social Impact Projects initiated by our graduates

“I was on the verge of collapse, hungry for love, compassion, and the freedom to live my true authentic self. The Dream Academy put me in the process of healing and gave me family. Now it’s my mission to pass it on to others.”

-Masi Zhakata

Nurturing the leader within

Masi left her abusive home—and her beloved daughter—to find a better life in another country. That’s where she found The Dream Academy and her path to leadership, love and reconciliation.

Finding the freedom to be herself

As a trans woman, Lambert found herself searching for a place to live without fear. She found it with SafePlace and The Dream Academy, finding the confidence and freedom to help others in the community.

Healing from Adversity to Embodying Resilience

Discover Sulah Mawejje's journey from adversity in Uganda to transformative leadership in Kenya, a story of resilience and self-discovery highlighting the profound impact of embracing identity, unlocking potential within himself, and sharing that renewed self-love with a community.

Our approach


We reach people where they are, providing support when and how they need it.


We protect our community with safe spaces and networks of support.


We connect our members to life-changing leadership training and educational resources.


We invest in our graduates’ success, helping them pursue careers that pave the way for growth.

Our work

Global Family Initiative

Impact investing in projects designed and led by the communities they serve.

We work directly and in partnership to connect people with resources like safe housing, food and supplies, wellbeing support, and critical information, as well as seed funding for community impact projects, which contribute to economic, environmental, and social well-being.

The Dream Academy

Leadership training that transforms shame and trauma into power and determination.

The Dream Academy is our community-led, 10-week intensive virtual course focusing on leadership development, socio-emotional learning, and job skills training that paves the way for healing, growth, and leadership that will lead to sustainable social change.

Get involved

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