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Echoes of Resilience: Sulah’s Triumph

Sulah Mawejje’s formative years in Uganda were difficult, as a young man who didn’t “seem” quite like the others. He endured physical bullying and taunting, and much of that abuse came from his family and close friends, leading to a feeling of self-alienation. It was not an easy path, but it was not unlike that of many young queer people in Uganda, both then and now. In 2016, after increased persecution and abuse, he was compelled to leave everything behind and seek safety in Kenya, marking the beginning of a chapter that would change Sulah’s life and many of those around him.

In Kenya, his path led to SafePlace International through The Dream Academy (TDA). Sulah, with skepticism informed by previous experiences with other aid organizations, expected little. To his surprise, however, he found a community that provided unexpected kinship and staying power. “I thought I’d find temporary relief, yet I discovered a chosen family of shared struggle and resilience,” Sulah shares, revealing a connection that went deeper than mere assistance.

Sulah’s ascent to County Director for TDA in Kenya was possible because of his deep commitment to healing and activism. “Each obstacle encountered in my past allowed me to foster change,” Sulah notes. His experiences, deeply personal, became the lens through which he viewed his advocacy work, beautifully intertwining with his professional trajectory.

In TDA, Sulah’s growth demonstrated a profound journey of self-acceptance and empowerment that supplemented his professional responsibilities. “The position gave me the strength to embrace my identity,” Sulah said, “and to lead with authenticity.”

His vision forward is one of hope and inclusivity. “I dream of a world where love transcends boundaries and embraces every identity with open arms.” This dream, seeded in his past experiences, grows towards a future he actively shapes. He is deeply passionate about representation of marginalized communities in positions of power, about serving those who have struggled as he has, and helping those in need.

Sulah’s journey, from navigating the trials in Uganda to becoming a pivotal figure in Kenya, is one of choosing joy and healing. His narrative, woven from moments of challenge and transformation, resonates as an unspoken testament to the enduring spirit of change. In Sulah’s story lies an invitation to recognize the unseen potential in ourselves and others, a subtle reminder of the profound impact of embracing and nurturing diversity.

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