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Fostering resilience, belonging, and growth

At SafePlace International, we are guided by a multidimensional approach focused on making a positive impact for the people within our global community.


people where they are

Whether in-person or online, in rural or urban places, from moments of crisis to new routines of stability, we meet people where they are, showing up with empathy and adaptability.

So community members can: Join our community

Our vibrant, inclusive community provides support members need, when and how they need it, so they can feel connected, seen, and understood. At every step, we work together with kindness, generosity, and accountability.


our community with safe spaces and networks of support

We build deep, trust-based partnerships with other organizations and make strategic, community-based investments to mitigate harm and connect people with resources like safe housing, food and supplies, and critical information.

So community members can: Find safety and security

With access to basic necessities and emotional and psychological support, our community members can feel secure to take the next positive steps.


our members to life-changing leadership training and educational resources

We as a community lead The Dream Academy, an intensive training program that connects participants to purpose, power, and the new possibilities they need to heal from individual and collective traumas.

So community members can: Transform shame and trauma into power and determination

Graduates discover their pain and grief foster a depth of passion, empathy, resilience, and creativity that, combined with practical leadership and administrative skills, build lives with unlimited potential.


in our graduates’ success

Our bond isn’t just for 10 weeks, it’s for a lifetime. We forge new paths to progress by helping members pursue career opportunities that pave the way for personal and professional growth—and pay it forward for the next generation.

So community members can: Create a more equitable world

Every leader in our community is an agent of transformative change. They shape culture and policy and create new, more equitable systems in their communities, institutions, and the world around them. 

Your help will make a difference.