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Addressing a global need for safety and humanity

We believe centering and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities is necessary to enact real change and build a world that’s safer, more inclusive, and filled with joy.

Our purpose

The LGBTQI+ community fights for space in this world. Space to live safely and authentically. To love freely. But for all the progress we’ve made, we’re moving backwards. Today, we see radical legislation, homophobia, and an emboldened culture of bias in countries around the world. For queer persons, the simple act of living puts them at risk, and often causes them to flee their homelands in search of safety.

SafePlace International cultivates ecosystems of safety, healing, and collective growth with and for an intersectional community of LGBTQI+ displaced persons to affirm the leaders that only they can be.

From standing up community centers in cities to reaching remote areas through technology, from welcoming someone who was recently displaced to supporting them as their goals change. At every step, we work together with kindness and generosity to ensure everyone in our community feels connected, seen, and understood.