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Lavriou Camp is home to 131 refugees, many of whom are women and young children. Lavriou Camp receives no assistance from the Greek Government, The EU or the UNHCR. Lavriou Camp is 100% dependent on donated food. Safe Place International, through a generous donation from Tracy Moss, will be providing food for the entire camp for September. 2000 euros will feed the entire camp for a month. We are asking for commitments to supply food for the months of October through April of next year. Please let us know the month you would like to provide food for these amazing courageous people. Winter is particularly hard at the camp with no heat and limited bedding. Additionally, we need 3000 euros to provide bedding, warm blankets, and heaters. 100% of all donations go to Lavriou Camp with pictures and receipts of all supplies provided.



Lavriou Camp II is one of three unrecognized refugee camps in Lavriou just an hour south of Athens. The people here are Kurdish refugees fleeing from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria who have settled in an area used by the local municipality as a landfill.

The 35 families living at Lavriou II don’t receive any help from the Greek government or NGO’s. Tucked between piles of waste dumped every day by the municipality they suffer from a lack of food, unsanitary conditions, lack of clean water, insect infestations, and overheating in the hot summer sun.



Please help us support the families at the camp at Lavriou. The 35 families need approximately 500 euros per week for food, they need learning material in Kurdish (children’s books and textbooks) so that their kids can learn to read, as well as fans and insecticide.


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