Moms 2 Moms was founded by a single Mom named Diane Tomi from Cameroon to benefit fellow African immigrant mothers living in Istanbul. The primary aim of the project is to provide money for groceries so that the mothers can feed their families. We are also looking to open a childcare center, so that mothers have the opportunity to leave their children in a safe place and work during the day.

African immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers face a unique challenge in Turkey. They are often victims of fraud, human trafficking, and violence in their home countries. After giving up all that they have and risking everything to make it to Europe, they often find themselves stranded in Turkey where they have no legal rights and face discrimination. Women and children are particularly vulnerable, and there are very few organizations serving this population.



In addition to providing for people’s basic needs, we want to give them a break from constantly feeling like a refugee. More than anything, what we hear from these women is that they just want to live a normal life, rather than constantly fighting to survive. They want a chance to spend time with their children without having to constantly worry about how they will pay the rent or even feed themselves.

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