Athens Community Center

Call for Support

Athens Community Center Fundraiser

In the face of the largest migration crisis since WWII, we want to unite the world in solidarity. We need your help.

Europe is closing it’s borders and returning 50,000 asylum seeking refugees who have Greek Asylum but fled to other countries due to the high unemployment and anti immigrant sentiment.

Greece refugee camps are already at 4-5 times capacity causing many refugees to come to Athens looking for work and a way to create a meaningful life. SafePlace International supports the most vulnerable members of the refugee community with housing, food, language classes and pycho-social support.
Through our Athens Housing Collective Program, we operate 17 shelter apartments for LGBT and other very vulnerable members of the refugee community. Additionally, our Global Family Project provides food and other aid to unrecognized refugee camps in the Athens area.
Until now SafePlace International has had no central office; no place to store food and other needed supplies.
Intakes are done at local cafes and food distribution is done out of a van, and classes are currently held at a third party location.
Our Dream is to provide the refugee community of Athens a central place in the heart of the areas they live, that provides language and online courses, groceries from a onsite food bank, clothes donations, diapers, formula and toys for families with young children, free haircuts, internet and phone charging, hot lunches and vocational training and a host of other services for the refugee population.
After a year long search we have put the commercial building to host all of the above under contract. The building is 240 sq meters or about 2600 sq ft.
It costs 70,000 USD. To fund this necessary endeavor, we need the collective support of donors and activists world-wide to make safety for all refugees a reality for many decades to come.