Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other gender non-conforming refugees and asylum seekers face unique and difficult challenges.

The LGBT+ Shelter is a safe space, home and wellness center here in Istanbul which helps them face those challenges.  In partnership with local activists and refugees, we request your support to improve the lives of LGBT+ refugees and asylum seekers living in Istanbul.

LGBT refugees and asylum seekers are often forced to conceal their sexual identities from friends and family. Though they have fled war in their native countries for safety in Turkey, many are not safe even in their own home. They often do not speak Turkish and face discrimination for their nationality and race in Turkey, thus confining them to interaction within the refugee community here. Unfortunately, within that community they are neither safe nor accepted. When their identities are discovered they often face discrimination, abuse, death threats, and homelessness. Economic and social pressures leave LGBT+ refugees vulnerable to sexual violence, abusive relationships, forced sex work, drug abuse, and medical issues such as sexually transmitted infections.


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The shelter’s goals are to offer a safe space and temporary housing for LGBT+ refugees along with psychological support, medical care, food, language courses, life planning, and job training. When cases come to us, we will interview them and create a plan based on their needs. They can stay in the shelter for up to 3 months, while we raise money and provide needed food, housing, care and training. After their stay with us in the shelter, we work to create sustainable long term plan for housing and employment. The shelter can house 20 occupants.

We are grateful to have this opportunity to support LGBT folks in need and to welcome them to a place where they can feel at home and be themselves after fleeing war and persecution. We invite you to join us and stand in solidarity with them.

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