Holiday Fundraisers

We often take for granted some mundane parts of daily life that we don’t even consider privileges anymore, such as shopping for a winter jacket.

This year, we want to help our residents claim back a part of their identity by allowing them to buy themselves pieces of clothing of their choosing. While donations and second-hand clothing are vital and appreciated, there’s something about the independence to choose your own clothes.
Let’s give them back this opportunity with gift cards!

Help us give each of our 61 residents of Athens Housing Collective and Aman LGBT Shelter $100 gift cards to H&M so that they can pick out their own jackets for this winter!

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**Help single moms with food and childcare **

With only $14, a child can attend our educational childcare program for one week, allowing their single mother to find work and earn a living!

Help us raise a total of $1680 to fund this amazing Moms2Moms program for 15 children for 2 months!

Additionally, support us feeding 50 families for one month. It only takes $40 to feed a family for a month in Istanbul, allowing an extra stress to be lifted from migrant families who are struggling to survive. Help us get to $2000 for our BIM card (grocery gift card) initiative.

Check out our Facebook Page to Donate to this specific cause!